Christmas Party 2010

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Sharing some cider


Checking out what is going on.


Table Decorations

Bill Segars and J B Weaver


Sharing a cup of cheer!

All of those gag gifts What are your grandkids doing?

Wen Williams Phyllis & Allan Stalker

Gag Gifts to be shared

Marilyn Allison and Betty Williams


Merry Christmas.


Jim Allison and Boyd Andrews


Jerry Chesness, Doyle Ashley & Pat Brown

Catching Up More decor. How you doing?.
Brenda Smith and Betty Chesness The Season of Cheer Tom Williams, Doyle Ashley & Wen Williams
Having a good discussion. I Plege Allegiance .... Enjoying the meal.
Marilyn Allison and Barbra Segars One Nation Under God Phyllis Stalker
Harold Brown could not give the cups away. One of the Gag gifts that wasn't a gag. I Love Them!!!
Gag Gift Cups Cone Tree Pretty - Antler Candle Holder
Boyd Lost again. Marilyn Got It First! What a pretty!
Boyd had to select again Marilyn got it first Betty got a PRETTY
Little drummer boy it is not. Pat got the tree! What do I do with these?
Little Drummer Boy? Pat - That Tree Again! Good Tools