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Classic City Lions Club was chartered February 9,1965.

The Classic City Lions Club was developed by the Athens Lions Club to provide a club in Athens that would meet in the evening.  On December 3, 1964 the Athens Club met at a special meeting to discuss the possibilities.  Click here to see the minutes of the called meeting.

An Athens News Paper announced the chartering of the new club.


To see the program of charter night Click Here


Charter Members

John Barrentine, Jr   Otis R. Ogles - Director
Charles B. Burch - 1st VP   George L. O'Kelly - Director
George M. Clegg - 3rd VP   Sammie B. Parkman - Sec. Treas.
James T. Davis   Julian A. Raburn
Dwight Eavenson   W. H. Shuman, Jr
Herbert H. Harrison - Lion Tamer   B. J. Stoll - President
William H. Hinesley   Jack B. Stone
William H. Hogan*   Harold G. Threldeld*
James H. Langford   J. B. Weaver - 2nd VP
Richard E. Massie - Tail Twister   Norris Wynne
Ralph B. McCants    
* Members -At-Large

Past Presidents



  James H. Langford   1966-1967  

Bill J. Stoll

1967-1968   James B. Weaver   1968-1969   Walter B. White
1969-1970   Ralph Graham   1970-1971   Sammie B. Parkman
1971-1972   Vance L. Cecil   1972-1973   Bruce M. Shelton
1973-1974   Doyle A. Ashley   1974-1975   Edward L. Houston
1975-1976   Bailey W. Mitchell   1976-1977   Glover A. Webb
1977-1978   Ellis Garrett   1978-1979   Bobby A. Painter
1979-1980   J. Phil Perry   1980-1981   Gordon W. Chappell
1981-1982   L. Crayton League   1982-1983   Philip A. Banks
1983-1984   Carroll Humphries   1984-1985   Barry B. Baker
1984-1986   John W. Branyan   1986-1987   Ralph W. Emerson
1987-1988   Doyle Ashley   1988-1989   A. R. Brown
1989-1990   James B. Weaver   1990-1991    
1991-1992       1992-1993    
1993-1994       1994-1995    
1995-1996       1996-1997    
1997-1998       1998-1999   Boyd Andrews
1999-2000   Greg Paul   2000-2001    
2001-2002   Wen Williams   2002-2003   James M. Allison
2003-2004   Harold Brown   2004-2005   Wen Williams
2005-2006   Adrian Fitzpatrick   2006-2007   Maxcy Nolan
2007-2008   Sharon Paul   2008-2009   Harold Brown
2009-2010   Denise Pesti   2010-2011   Allan Stalker
2011-2012   Harold Brown   2012-2013   Terry Caven
2013-2014   Tom Davis   2014-2015   Greg Paul
2015-2016   Hoyt Sapp   2016-2017   Brenda Smith

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