Pancake Breakfast Fall 2008

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Greg Paul flipping cakes - Boyd Andrews supervising

Delta Gamma Sister from UGA help serve

The kitchen crew, some hard at work

Greg Paul - preparing pancakes

Delta Gamma Sisters - help serve

The Kitchen Crew


Brenda Smith our official coffee Lady. Having her yogurt breakfast.

Denise Pesti mixing cakes - J B Weaver supervising. Jerry Davis contemplating the day.

Brenda Smith our coffee lady

Denise Pesti - mixing pancakes

Jerry Davis


Adrian Fitzpatrick and J B Weaver wondering when those light bulbs will sell.

Jerry Midden ready for a days work.  Thanks Jerry! Tables set and waiting for customers.

Adrian Fitzpatrick and JB Weaver

Jerry Midden and Sharon Paul Waiting for Customers 
Some of the first guest to enjoy breakfast. A lot of friendly chatter. Friend sharing a plate.
Guest Guest Guest
Yes they were good. Young guest - two of J B's grandchildren. Visiting with friends.
Guest Young Guest Guest
Terry Caven enjoying breakfast. Some of the guys enjoying a good joke. Jim paying off a small wager.
Terry Caven, Brenda Smith, Harold Brown Doyle Ashley, JB Weaver, Bill Segars Jim Allison, J B Weaver a friendly wager
Tom Williams enjoying breakfast. Maxcy Nolan - washing dishes Jim Allison and Wen Williams - cooking sausage
Tom Williams Dish washer Sausage cooks